Phone Number. 686 577 1250

Cash deposit / Credit card deposit for reservation?

For booking a room, no deposit is necessary. However, during special event such as off road events and holydays, it is necessary. Nonetheless, If you are already a client, you can book your room with your phone number.


How long does it last my reservation without deposit?

One day previous the reservation day. Calling in advance is required.

When do I pay the reservation?

If you call to confirm the same day of arrival, you may pay in cash or credit  when you check in. 

Valid credit cards?

Visa o Master Card. From both American and Mexican banks. No American Express.


Check out time

1:00 P.M. Let us know if you need to stay longer.


What is the distance from the hotel to the beach or town center?

Half block.


Is there available parking for dollys or large vehicules?

Yes, there is. We have extra parking in the back of the building with 2300 square feet area available for events.